4 Reasons Why ‘The Less You know the Better’

Why you shouldn’t seek information

Afroz Chakure
4 min readApr 29, 2024

Just knowing more things doesn’t make you a success in life.

If knowing everything about the world was enough to become successful in life then teachers and librarians would have become millionaires themselves.

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1. Troubled by Choices

In prehistoric times we didn’t have a lot of choice, we had to hunt and gather food. Limited choices meant that we were more focused on the task at hand and were willing to stick to it with no plan B.

In the age of Technology we are down with a lot of choices like for example, a product catalogue in Amazon, which movie to watch on Netflix, which items to buy from grocery online, etc.

We often find it hard to just pick one and proceed. With all the Ads, pop-ups and notifications wanting our attention most will get trapped in zombie scrolling trying to find other things but not the things they need.

The only easy thing I find is to just search for the product using a price comparison website, compare prices and just go & buy the product from the link. All the reading reviews, watching videos & pics by people who have purchased it previously, etc — these things are massive time-wasters.

2. We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge

I worked a few years in the Data Science domain during my college days.

From what I learnt from experimentation and playing with Data was that of all the zettabytes of data that is collected by most Social Media sites, Online Shopping platforms, Messaging and OTT platforms, about 80% of data is of no use during Data analysis.

Each of the Large Database Tables capturing numerous fields and columns can be reduced down to 10 to 12 essential fields that actually help businesses pivot, by making sense of data & helping them drive business decisions that actually improve their revenue, profits and essentially move the needle!

In this world where information is being vomited onto us via our smartphones, social media platforms & television sets, try to seek knowledge.

3. Learn to Ignore stuff

You have got to be selective about what you see on TV, your smartphones, what kind of books you read, the people you follow on social media, etc.

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For example,

You don’t have to watch daily 24/7 news to stay updated about what is going on around the world.

Seeing News TV anchors shouting on top of their lungs with Red color and fire animations while they are having discussions will surely not give you a good nights sleep and you can be sure that either you or your children will embody that kind of mentality growing up.

If you happen to see a lot of violence and thrillers movies, chances are you are going to embody violence and hate into your daily lives.

Seek your information source wisely because you tend to become what you see!

4. Read between the lines

Learn to see things for what they are. Not what someone wants to portray it to be but in actuality, without any emotion, with logic & reason.

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I learnt an important logical concept during my 10th Grade called Syllogism. Syllogisms going by the Wikipedia definition,

They are form of arguing in which two statements are used to prove that a third statement is true, for example,

‘All humans are mortal; I am a human, therefore I am mortal.’

They are a great logical tool to understand how the world really works. People often use logic in theory but make illogical choices & opinions in the real world.

The reason is simple people don’t read between the lines and have an emotional response to everything that is said about them or others.

Learn to see what is being left unsaid.

That’s it folks!

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