Are you Fragile?

How much Money & Power will make you do anything for anyone & to anyone ?

Afroz Chakure
4 min readJun 15, 2024

If I give you Rs 1 crore, will you do anything for me?

Does it seems too small an amount, what about Rs 100 crores will you be willing to sell your soul to the devil?

Many will and many did in the last many years.

The number of people who “sold-out” actually has increased exponentially.

What have we done to/for our Youth?

Photo by FlyD on Unsplash
  1. The rise of frantic Youtubers doing dangerous stunts just to get views, fame and money. Youtubing never would have become a real job if we had instead focused on providing better employment opportunities & well paid jobs to our people.
  2. TV news anchors who will conduct ‘Debates’ centered around only ‘one person who can solve all their problems’. Common people’s problems are will never be shown because ‘who cares about them anyways’.
  3. News Anchors teaching Youngsters that the correct way to silence someone whom you don’t agree with is by screaming at them on top of your lungs and making fun of them.
  4. Youngsters drowning in Education loans even before joining University in the name of preparation for National and International Competitive exams. And yes, many of these exam papers get leaked, thanks to “partnership between those in the government and paper-leak mafias”.
  5. Some will prefer changing countries to study outside & in search of good lifestyle & jobs while many will elect “uneducated criminals” in their own home country ruining the lives of other people. The same individuals will be called “Outsiders” by lunatics when they make logical arguments against the regime.
  6. People joining IT cells of political parties just because they get paid Rs 2 to Rs 3 per tweet or per comment promoting a particular ideology.
  7. Rise of cult organizations because People are ready to join in the name of religion and mental health.
  8. The rise in polarization leading to many joining militant organization sponsored by Political parties just because it’s better to do something than remain jobless even after a College Degree.
  9. High inflation and Low employment opportunities making life difficult for middle class.

We have forced our youth to do these things because in the name of development, education and healthcare we haven’t done anything and given them anything.

How long will you blame the Past? — Question the Present Leaders

People today don’t really take responsibility for what happens in the world because of their decisions.

In the old times, when there used to be a train accident, union ministers used to resign from their roles citing their fault and negligence in the whole matter.

There was a time when any allegation was raised against someone in power or raised against their relatives they were the first ones to resign.

You don’t see that today.

Yes, today some of them will cry on National Television, saying how bad they feel about the lives lost but they’ll continue in their roles of Power.

Those who want Power want to keep that Power forever!

People have become blind followers

You want to know how to win elections the easy way?

Don’t talk about your plans for Development, Education, Healthcare or even Women safety.

Here’s an algorithm that will help you bypass everything:

  1. Become a torch bearer of religion.
  2. Create a narrative about your Supreme leader telling how he is ‘one in a Billion’, tell everyone there is no opposition and say if not him then who?
  3. Tell people that ‘Your religion is in Danger’. It hadn’t been in Danger for the last 70 years before we came to power but yes who’s counting :D
  4. Propagate the same messages through the national media, WhatsApp, Instagram reels, and Twitter every day. Give powerful speeches, inflate people’s egos about themselves, their religion, spread conspiracy theories and Never comment on your plans, mistakes & shortcomings.
  5. Don’t conduct press conferences ever! (Very Important, if people get to know our Supreme Leader knows nothing who’ll vote for him)
  6. Even better conduct scripted interviews, where I already have the questions and answers beforehand & yes, I will cut the parts where I don’t look good.
  7. Create a gang of jobless hooligans / trolls who’s job is to target anyone that tells facts as they are.
  8. Get into every Apartments building’s WhatsApp, or Telegram groups and send your messed up ideological messages daily so that every person in those Flats truly imbibes these ideas by heart.
  9. Spew hatred against the ‘other communities’, make fun of them, spread fake news about them and opposition. It always used to work in Germany, will work anywhere.
  10. Silence any form of critics, opposition & demonstration using force. Reward perpetrators of violence by giving them Election tickets and welcome them with Garlands & give them official positions in your government.
  11. Put people behind bars because you got scared that they’ll cause a revolution and your Power will be in danger. Send police to beat-up students who are part of peaceful protests, conduct a media trail on them to defame them & their Universities.
  12. If force doesn’t work, use your own militant organizations to cause ‘Massive Riots’ and blame everything on ‘the other people’ i.e. those who made calls for peace and peaceful demonstration.
  13. Conduct elections immediately and come to power again because people will not make decisions rationally but rather emotionally.
  14. Repeat again from Step 1 to 14 infinitely!

That’s how you become a “World Power” dummies.

And That’s the game and you got played, again!