Be Elite in what you do!

why being great is a choice

Afroz Chakure
2 min readApr 26, 2024
Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

Nobody can tell MS Dhoni to get off the cricket field saying he has retired from International Cricket for nearly 4 years and can’t play no more. You just can’t find someone who is a better finisher and chaser than him in world cricket.

Nobody can say Cristiano Ronaldo to retire from playing football. After all these years, he is still among the highest goal-scorers in the world as compared to all the up and coming young players.

All of this is because they made it that way, they choose to be Great!

Greatness is a Choice

You choose to do something amazing not just by your words but by your actions. By showing up each and every day.

By grinding on days which were good and on days which were bad.

Whether your hard-work got you noticed or whether your hard-work got ignored.

Be in the leagues of Elites because that is where the real magic happens.

Not everyday you’re going to do great but it’s the average that counts.

“There are levels to this” game of life

The people at the highest levels of human performance are playing a whole different game because they play the game differently & play it better than anybody else.

Yes, sometimes what you do does go unnoticed, unappreciated, and not acknowledged but in that scenario be aware whether you need to improve or go some place where you are appreciated.

Your environment either feeds you energy or saps the energy out of you.

Knowing which is which is the whole ball game!

Make ‘The Choice’

Don’t be afraid of taking matters into your own hands whether it be your career, life goals, ambition, relationships, education, etc.

By being responsible about what you say and choose to do, you exercise the most important tool provided to human civilization — Free Will.

Choose a better career, a better job, a better college degree, better lifestyle and better environment to live and work.

The trick is to never settle for what has been given to you but continue searching for what is best in you & outside.

Photo by Lorenzo Lamonica on Unsplash