Mindset change necessary to make your life worth it

Try not to be a One trick Pony

Why learn from other fields and have hobbies outside of work

Afroz Chakure
4 min readMay 7, 2024

It is fallacy of the human mind to think that a certain field or a career is ‘better than everything else’.

In this blog, I discuss why you should not restrict yourself to knowing only what is taught in school or what is required to do your job.

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Don’t stick with a particular Stream and Career

Most of you would have made that difficult choice of choosing a stream after your 10th Grade.

A majority of students at my school usually opted for Science and Commerce while some few opted for Arts.

From my 8th Grade I saw many instances where teachers and students usually despised those who chose Arts and Literature as a career.

I never understood what someone could have against someone learning ‘Literature and Arts’, if they do want to learn and make a career in it. Some viewed it as ‘something beneath them’, while some viewed it as ‘not a great career’.

Most high paying jobs in the world today like Youtube content creators, social media consultants, writers, video editors and Vlogger are all careers that were not so prevalent 10 to 20 years ago.

By sticking to a specific field and career you are setting yourself up for failure!

It is similar to what happened after the Industrial Revolution in England, people who did manual labor got replace by machines.

Be an All-rounder

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Sadly, I understood the importance of reading after my school got over.

You have to dive into other fields like economics, finance, literature, sports & health, history (most important), languages, etc. apart from just science and Technology to survive in this world.

You can’t expect a boxer to know only how to Punch and Shuffle before sending him to fight with another boxer with many years of experience.

There are other skills that are so essential in making a complete boxer.

Things like Pacing around the ring, watching your opponent, predicting their next move, ducking, protecting yourself, etc. are all required skills before even thinking about boxing in a real fight.

It is the same in the read world, you require other essential skills in life that are important and necessary as an adult.

A solid foundation in taxation, personal finance, negotiation skills, networking and communication skills, event organization, etc. can be a game changer and usually require us to delve into other fields which might different from our job.

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Relating with other fields

As a technologist, I relate Coding with Art. Well written code is almost like Poetry, it speaks to your heart.

I often get frustrated if I don’t understand a piece of code at start but after spending some time on a code-base, you often get to see the beauty & simplicity behind the logic and code that the previous programmer wanted to convey.

It’s similar to what Michelangelo said, “I didn’t really create the sculpture, the sculpture was already there … I just helped bring it out”.

All the technologies (and other fields) of the world are just tools to help you carve out a solution (create the sculpture) to any problem in the real-world.

If you restrict yourself to just one field you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the amazing things people build and will not see correlation to other fields and areas.

In essence, you pose a limitation on what you can dream, imagine and achieve.

Build that Sculpture

Never let what you do at work, what you’ve studied hold you back from learning other skills sets and from other fields.

People who’ll miss-out the most in life will be the ones who did things exactly the way ‘they’re trained to do’.

You have to break things, get inspiration from surroundings, and bring out your creativity into light.

I feel that is true living!

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