Don’t let your Titles at work define you as a Person

The biggest mistake people make in work and life

Afroz Chakure
2 min readApr 10, 2024

Titles are temporary, they can be taken away from you the same way they are given.

Don’t let your ego, ambition, self-worth, and pride get attached to what titles, roles and positions you are given by your company.

There are no guarantees in life, only opportunities.

Things will change

In life or work nothing remains the same.

Just imagine 5 years ago how different things were or even 10 years ago where you lived, the technologies around that time & how everything around you was different than today.

Most of the things in life have a transient nature. They change.

You’re job is to keep moving forward, never be complacent or become comfortable.

Nothing to be Proud of

If God has given you a lot, it has given it to you to serve the people around you.

There is nothing to be pompous, proud or even have an Ego about what you’ve been given.

A lot in life depends upon luck. Yes, hard-work & perseverance are a factor but a lot in life depends on luck.

Don’t dance till the music is on

Instead of attaching your self-worth to your company, find & identify yourself as a person.

What are your strengths, weaknesses, your goals, what things work for you, things you like / dislike, person you would like to become and what things really define you as a person?

Identify things that can never be taken away from you, like where you come from, your upbringing, your childhood, the environment you grew up in, etc.

Let those things drive every decision in your life because no one can take those things away from you ever!

Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash