How To Read A Book Thoroughly? 📚

Finding the right approach to make reading a daily habit

Afroz Chakure
3 min readFeb 27, 2022


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In this blog I’ll discuss the 3 steps to improve you reading and comprehension.

Can reading be difficult?

Well it is for many of us. In our daily lives we need to read many things which are in textual format like coding documentation, blogs, fiction books, and course books. Text format is not the same as Video or audio, where watching or listening to things like Youtube video or podcast can make us understand a topic.

Going through a book page-by-page, word-to-word is not reading. Reading is about assimilating which is a lot more difficult for people in today’s hyper-connected world. If you think you have forgotten how to read - don’t worry, I have your back. Below I have summarized a few simple steps that can help you redevelop your habit of reading.

Step 1. Skimming

First always try to skim through the book or article before actually reading it. By skimming I mean, see things like index, chapter names and have a brief look at the contents of each chapter, you could also count the number of pages from each chapter.

Once you got an overview about the book, the next time when you actually try to read the book line-by-line, it will feel much more familiar. By getting skimming the contents, you are much more likely to focus on chapters or indexes you are interested in reading — thus saving you time and effort.

Step 2: Reading and Underlining

Try and keep a pencil by your side while your reading and whenever you feel something is important you could mark it there and then. Consider highlighting the text if your reading in PDF format or kindle.

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Don’t be afraid to make your books or PDFs a bit dirty. Underlining and marking key points indicate that you have gone through the topic before and it will be much more easier to pick up from where you left the next time.

Sometimes highlighting texts in a book can feel like a lot of work but think of it as saving you double the effort.

Step 3: Revising and Assimilating

Always try to make sure that you properly read the topic thoroughly first time, although you might not understand all the things the author is trying to say, subsequent revisions will further clarify your doubts, so don’t worry.

And when the next time you sit down to read, always make sure you revise what you read the previous day before starting a new topic. While revising always look for the points you might have highlighted or underlined, this will make your revision a lot more faster and helpful.

Bonus Step: Building a Reading habit

All said reading a book can really be hard. So try to make it a habit by fixing the number of hours you are going to give to each topic. This will make sure that you are committed to it and eventually it will help to make the process seem flawless.

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So here you go folks you now know the tools to make reading a daily habit. Making a schedule to read 10 minutes daily can be a real game changer. Focus on getting at least one idea from book whenever you’re reading, this way you are reading with purpose and a goal.

Now go on and apply these steps to make those reading sessions of yours more productive than ever before.

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