Making Every Day Count

Embracing Life’s Twists and Finding Joy in the Journey

Afroz Chakure
3 min readJan 5, 2024
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For most of us, the world is too complex.

You have to study a certain number of years before you get qualified enough to get a good job. Buy a phone, a house, a car, then look around to find a good life partner, look after your aged parents, have kids, force them through school and college, manage your work & life then retire comfortably at 60.

For most of us, retirement will remain a distant dream. The path that you are on might be filled with twists and turns.

You might not even achieve the things that you went out to achieve in the first place and that is okay.

Nobody is born thinking that they’ll become a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.

It’s okay to be average

You don’t have to climb the Mount Everest, lead an army of troops to war, become the Prime Minister, or even travel to every country in existence, for your life to be a success.

Most of your life you’ll chase things in life thinking that they’ll make you happy but in most cases, it is the work that gives you joy, the people around you who make your life fun, and things that challenge you or give you that thrill.

Out of time

With an average life span of 76 years for a male in the modern world. You don’t have a lot of time on your hands after considering sleep, work, travel, leisure, etc.

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In fact, you don’t have enough time at all. Yes, sometimes becoming a famous Film star, Boxer, MMA Fighter, Cricket / Basketball / Football player, Rock star, etc will be great but that too will remain for a short time.

Most above media personalities will have a career span of 5 years or even less. There will be a few who get to do their jobs for more than a decade and there will be very few who’ll do this for 20 years or more.

It is the small things that matter

The truth is we will have only a small amount of time in the spotlight.

Try and remember your favorite childhood serial or song you watched / listened to, think of all the actors who were part of the show or the artists who were involved and check where these people are now?

Most of them would have succumbed to irrelevance without any fault of their own.

The thing is the world keeps changing, the new take the place of the old — The stars change, and people want young & smart people to come up the ranks while the old people are shown the door.

This is the hard reality of life.

Having learned all this, remember it’s not about how many days you’ve got left but making sure to make your remaining days count to the fullest.

By making your days count towards living your dreams, aspirations, fulfilling your goals, etc. you will get to live a life of no regrets.

A person who would have lived a good life would have achieved almost everything they ever wanted in life.

But, do you know who would have lived a great life?

Living a Great Life

The secret is to remember that you’ll miss out on a lot of things you want in life.

It’s not about being less ambitious and taking fewer risks, rather it is about getting that feeling of fulfillment from the process of achieving your dreams.

If you fail it is okay, take it like a learning experience but if you win remember your hard work paid off and there might be some luck at work.

Sometimes, the things that actually matter are staring right in your face but waiting for you to acknowledge them.

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