My Experience As A Junior Software Engineer at Tietoevry, Pune 👨‍💼

My past 1 year experience

The Beginning

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Within A Team

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Starting Work

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Getting Better

Along the way we kept learning how to navigate through the code base, how to debug, test our code, write unit & integration tests and how to deploy our code on servers for functionality testing.

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Learning UI

By March, I was starting to get familiar with Back-end and how different services were constructed. For 2 weeks I was paired again with previously mentioned colleague to complete Contract Tests for all the new services for the component. We were able to complete all of them and run it all in the build pipeline.

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Starting work on Stories

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Learning to Integrate

In June, I started work on BFF or the integration layer of VAM. It is the place where we integrate our Backend services to create aggregate services which can be used by our VAM-UI application.

Learning to be a team-player

The above is not entirely an exhaustive list of things that I did but it certainly included some key things that I was able to accomplish during my 1st Year.

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If you read through all this, I really appreciate you. To be honest, It has been a good experience. Things were not always easy and it certainly took some time to learn but I’m glad it worked out in the end.

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