From ‘Undesirable’ to ‘Undeniable’

Not the ‘Chosen One’

My Philosophy for a Better Life

Afroz Chakure


The more I think about this topic the more I realize the importance of knowing your worth.

Some people will fail to see it even with their eyes open.

Who is the Chosen One?

The concept of the ‘Chosen One’ can differ greatly but in my view,

It embodies individuals born into privilege, with silver spoons, gaining access to prestigious education through backdoor channels, benefiting from influential connections, and essentially having the world handed to them without earning it through their own merit.

Break Down The Walls

The story of your life can be defined with this, it is all about ‘Breaking down the Walls’.

Walls placed by people who came before you, especially those who act as gatekeepers to the Kingdom and will do everything to keep you away from it.

You may not have the ‘Best Brain in the Country’, You may not be from that ‘Ivy League’ college, You may not be that ‘Good Looking’, You may not have the same ‘Privileged background’ as others and You may be completely ‘Undesirable’.

The thing is life is all about ‘Proving others wrong’ and ‘Breaking down the walls’ built by them.

It’s my Music and I make the Sound

Your ability to choose your circumstances in life is a very powerful predictor of your success.

Sometimes you may unknowingly ‘Give your ability to choose to others’ or may even forget that you have a choice.

Choice to walk away, to change and to choose a different path.

By relying on your Boss’s decision, your teachers at school or college, or even your friends’ and families’ opinions about you, you are setting yourself to failure.

The thing is, you shouldn’t give a fuck about what the world thinks of you.

The guy playing the music is you, you get to play it your way.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle

This journey from being ‘Undesirable’ to being ‘Undeniable’ is a tough one.

You will face many rejections, people will laugh at your face and some will even tell you ‘you’re not worth it’, But remember you get to choose what actions to take, what things to work on, and what to ignore.

This journey of yours will become a lot tougher, people will try to take advantage of you because deep down they don’t want you at the top and most times the seats at the top are already ‘reserved’ for the ‘Chosen Ones’.

Take care of yourself because the world will figure out a way to use you more.

I can make anything work as long as I have the time and energy.

Don’t lose your time and energy if you feel things are not working the way you want them to.

Quit and Quit fast. Steer the ship and change the course.

Try different things and check what sticks.

Not Worth My Time

There will be a lot of things in life that are not worth your time:

  1. Fixing someone else’s mistakes.
  2. Dealing with dumb and toxic people.
  3. Trying to please everyone around you mainly those your age.
  4. Watching Daily news and drama.
  5. Pessimistic people, chiefly the ones who wonder why you’re not like everybody else who will give up at the first sign of trouble.
  6. People who act like Gatekeepers to the Kingdom, especially the ones who created the ‘System’ & say things like ‘We have always done things this way’.

Most people won’t like your “Just Bring It” kind of attitude but it’s their problem.

Learn to tackle the challenges that seem worthy to you and ignore the ones that aren’t.

The world doesn’t owe anything to you but you do owe it to yourself to fulfill your dreams & achieve whatever you want in life.