Why Medium Should Be Paying Indian Writers?💸

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Well I started writing on Medium back in June, 2019. Back then I was trying to move away from my Wordpress blog, HardTasksIn and trying to experiment with my writings on medium.

Little did I know that I would fall in love with the platform. Interacting with other writers and reading their stories mean a world to me.

My stories blow up, but not my wallet

After nearly 3 years of writing on the platform and gaining more than 300k+ views with over 200k+ reads, I haven’t ever been paid for my work. Similar is the case with thousands of Indian writers who are writing for free on the platform.

I recently hit 20k+ views per month again after being away from the platform for nearly a year because Medium wouldn’t pay for my work. I tried publishing on Dev.to, Hacker Noon, GeeksforGeeks, GitHub pages and many others. But I felt, I should come back.

For me, Writing was never about the money

I never did it for the money initially but trust me it would have felt great if they would have allowed Indian writers to enroll and earn from the platform.

It would have been a stamp of approval from their readers that they were doing a good job and who knows many would have started doing it full-time just because of it.

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Why use Stripe as an excuse?

Medium still will tell you that “Stripe is not available in India” (even after 3 years of me joining!!) and therefore, we won’t be paying Indian writers their share of revenue and traffic they generate for the site which tbh, is a LOT.

I have seen some amazing Indian writers on the platforms and they would truly have become financially stable if not for Medium’s hypocrisy. The platform could have become a lot more inclusive and diverse.

And let me remind you, Medium is a Internet Startup just like any another. I’m yet to find why they can’t allow Indian writers for their Partner Program, when other payment services like Paypal, Wire Transfers, Transfer Wise and Payoneer are already being used and fully functional in India. Indian freelancers are already using these services for International transactions.

Just saying that stripe is in Beta in Brazil and India, hence we can’t pay writers from these regions doesn’t mean anything!!

It just shows that in-spite of being backed by world-renowned investors, you are “incompetent to deliver value to a major section of writers who write on the platform”.

What I want to achieve by writing about this?

First goal is to make other writers aware that Medium Partner Program is a real privilege for some countries.

There are people who actually bring in the readers and there are others who are earning from it and all the while the person who is bringing the traffic in the first place is not getting paid. Similar is the case with Indian Writers on Medium. It is worst than bonded labour!!

Given the size of Indian writers on the platform, If everyone stopped writing on the medium that would mean Medium loses out on a lot of eyeballs and free revenue.

And even better if someone invents an Indigenous Platform for writers just like Medium in India, it would really change the game.

My second goal is to make our Friends at Medium aware that we Indians are not just cheap labor and remind them that this issue will not get fixed on its own. We love to share our knowledge on Medium, but we would want the same love reciprocated back to us by the platform.


Hopefully, they give this a read. I don’t want this to sound like threat or a warning but more of a genuine feedback. After years of writing on the platform, I truly felt that they should have been able to pay Indian Writers through the Medium Partner Program a lot earlier.

Until that day comes, I’ll write for my audience. Cheers!



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