The Sad Truth About 24/7 Content Creation on LinkedIn

The reason behind bad content on LinkedIn

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“I’m happy to share that I have completed <Insert Name of Course>…. I’m thankful to <Insert name of Person/ Company> for giving me the opportunity”

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Right around late 2020, I started observing some changes in the way the Linkedin algorithm behaved. It was much easier to gain traction on a Post with your selfie or a random Photo! Nobody cared about content. It was similar to being on Instagram.

During Covid, many FAANG and MAANG Youtube influencers were born & they made a fortune not because of their content but because people blindly followed them based on the number of likes, followers and because of their company names. Real creators / teachers were scarce.

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On Twitter, you can be misunderstood entirely owing to the less word count, On LinkedIn long posts do help in clarifying your points and suggestions. And overall the crowd is a lot more professional.

The thing about Blackbox algorithms like that of Youtubes’ and LinkedIns’ is that you don’t notice it when it working fine but when it is working really bad, things could get much worse if not paid attention.



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