You are the creator of your own destiny

Fixing the world starts with you

Afroz Chakure
4 min readAug 27, 2023
Harry Potter and Sirius Black being attacked by Dementors

There is a scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where towards the climax of the film, Sirius Black and Harry Potter are being tortured to death by the Dementors when suddenly Harry sees a white stag at the other end of the lake conjured using the Patronus charm, which drives away the Dementors and saves both of their lives.

Harry initially believes it was his father that drew the Dementors away but when Harry and Hermione time travel to the past and reach the same place & witness Harry and Sirius Black on the verge of getting killed — Harry realizes that no one is going to come and that he himself will need to conjure the Patronus charm & that is exactly what he does!

There is a lot to learn from above scene.

First: Your actions define your world

In a world where everyone keeps expecting others to fix their problems, we need to realize nobody is coming to help and that we ourselves as individuals have to drive initiatives to solve our problems.

I probably too had a wrong notion with regards to why things were a certain way.

Things like “why isn’t everything fixed”, “why everything isn’t in its correct place”, “why everything seems broken” but now I realize that I was expecting too much from others & much less from myself.

Some things are just waiting for you to stop complaining and fix them, you just haven’t thought of it that way yet!

Second: Nobody is coming to help

Photo by B K on Unsplash

This is a reality, nobody cares about your problem as much as you do. So why wait for someone to come and save your skin.

Plan, Prepare, Organize and Strategize — These are the words to live by.

Expecting and waiting for others to solve a problem that you yourself can solve on your own results in wasted time, effort and lost opportunity to prove yourself.

We all have innate skills deep within us, most of us fail to recognize it or don’t give it the chance to see the light of the day.

Third: When opportunity presents itself, are you willing to bet on yourself!

Having confidence in your abilities is key. Nothing in this world can be achieved if a person doesn’t have reasonable level of confidence in his skills and abilities.

Practicing is important but utilizing that practice for the right moment when it’s needed the most is even more important.

Just like Harry who although had become proficient in conjuring the Patronus charm with help of Professor Reamus Lupin, still doubted his abilities.

It shows that being humble in your skills is okay but never ever let that be a hurdle to achieving your most ambitious goals or solving the most difficult problems.

Heck, Sometimes you have to take a bet on yourself anyways without regards to what the world thinks of you, what you think of yourself, or whether the thing you’re working towards will be a success or not.

Shit happens, Life becomes hard, everything doesn’t go according to plan … So what, at least you took a bet on yourself and failed.

Fourth: Failure is important in life

Of all the things that I can tell the younger generation is to try things and fail & sometimes fail miserably, but remember to fail fast & learn from your failures. Don’t fail to just fail, but fail so that you can learn how to succeed.

Success will not happen in One day but it’ll happen One day, because those multiple failures along the way will just add up to your Success.

Even better way to look at failures is to look at them as learning opportunities. By doing this you recognize your insecurities, weaknesses & ultimately become a better version of yourself.

Things improve, you improve and others around you do too.

So, Stop being a complainer and become a Doer, cause the world needs them more than ever.

Photo by Rithika Gopal on Unsplash