You’ll Never Fail If You Bet On Yourself!

Simple hack to life changing results

Afroz Chakure
4 min readOct 20, 2022
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Being accountable for your life or your life decisions can be hard but it can be an important skill to master. Below I share 5 reasons why being accountable & taking charge of your life can literally change it for the better.

1. Being Accountable Makes You Confident

Ever felt low on confidence and don’t know whether a decision you have made was good or not. Try being accountable for your actions.

By being accountable I mean knowing that things will work out in the end and even if they don’t, you are willing to take responsibility for it. It is about having faith in your abilities and being humble to accept defeat as and when it comes.

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2. Being Accountable Makes You Trustworthy

In modern world, trust is often difficult to gain and keep. By taking responsibility and sticking your word, you gain respect from others around you.

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Great leaders tend to stick to their word and accept defeat with a smile because they know that they too can go wrong sometimes. They take failure as a learning experience and try to not repeat mistakes often.

A great example of trust is Warren Buffet and his enterprise Berkshire Hathaway. Warren isn’t always right with his investments but he is always accountable and accepts his mistakes upfront without losing his wit & humor. He is seldom sour and accepts criticism with a smile. These are qualities of a great leader and a good man.

3. Being Accountable Opens Doors of Improvement

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Once you’ve accepted your mistakes it becomes easy to correct them. Learning from your mistakes is important because most times you cannot afford to make mistakes repeatedly.

In one of his interviews, ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala when asked “Does he like to lose?” said,

“…. Nobody likes to lose but the reality is that there is no victory without loss. If there was no loss then how do you know that what would victory be.

I think that I am not afraid to make a mistake, but only make one which I can afford. So that I may live to make another one. And if I am paranoid that I cannot lose, then I will get immobilised. I cannot take any risk. Though I do not mind losing but I must learn from that losing. And I must understand that there are certain things in life which are linked to human psychology where predictability is very low. …..”

It is easy to put the blame on someone else, especially in a corporate world people seldom accept their mistakes and instead put the blame on their juniors. Acceptance opens doors for improvement.

4. Being Accountable Gives You Peace of Mind

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Being accountable is actually easy and more rewarding than being manipulative and putting blame on someone else.

Ever heard of someone saying “Let’s talk to them diplomatically”, more often than not it means insincere or manipulative talk, because it neither helps the speaker nor the listener (It is a Lose-Lose situation). People who engage in this rarely have a good night’s sleep.

It is actually easy to not be two-faced and to be who you are. You say things that are on your mind and not worry about gaining an advantage over others with your speech.

5. Being accountable makes you Invincible

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When you are answerable to yourself alone, you make life’s decisions and choices keeping yourself in mind. You don’t care about what your neighbors, colleagues, or friends think about you. You only care about what you think about yourself.

You play to win at each turn and even when failure hits, you take it as a learning and get back up. There’s a quote by famous writer James A. Baldwin that says,

“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”

So be a man who has nothing to lose, since equivalent of losing for an accountable person is the learning from failure. Nothing can defeat you if you get this!