You’ll Never Fail If You Bet On Yourself!

Simple hack to life changing results

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1. Being Accountable Makes You Confident

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2. Being Accountable Makes You Trustworthy

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A great example of trust is Warren Buffet and his enterprise Berkshire Hathaway. Warren isn’t always right with his investments but he is always accountable and accepts his mistakes upfront without losing his wit & humor. He is seldom sour and accepts criticism with a smile. These are qualities of a great leader and a good man.

3. Being Accountable Opens Doors of Improvement

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“…. Nobody likes to lose but the reality is that there is no victory without loss. If there was no loss then how do you know that what would victory be.

I think that I am not afraid to make a mistake, but only make one which I can afford. So that I may live to make another one. And if I am paranoid that I cannot lose, then I will get immobilised. I cannot take any risk. Though I do not mind losing but I must learn from that losing. And I must understand that there are certain things in life which are linked to human psychology where predictability is very low. …..”

4. Being Accountable Gives You Peace of Mind

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5. Being accountable makes you Invincible

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“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”



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